the first lucid dream.

 It was my first time, so I wasn't in complete control, but I had the faint awareness that I was dreaming so I held some kind of sway in the direction my dream was going. I woke up this morning and bid myself not to move, not even to scratch my nose or adjust my leg. I fell back asleep, but somehow, knowingly, I did so. And in that dream, I said I wanted to dream about Harry Potter, the world I would always escape to when I was younger, by reading. I dreamt I was Hermione. Or was with Hermione. It depended. And we were keeping away from snatchers.

This is a modification of one of my recurring dreams: always evading capture from something. This time though, I felt more like I was in an adventure instead of a nightmare. And I knew I couldn't get hurt because I knew I was dreaming. I felt excited! I was riding a broomstick, and it felt great to fly except that sometimes I couldn't fly so high, or so fast, and what I was riding felt flimsy. I KNOW this is my subconscious talking. It's reflecting my thoughts at the back of my head. Yes.

I remember being in a parking lot. It was well-lit. As in with sunshine peeking through. And... One time I was in a VERY dark forest. But it wasn't scary. And another we were in a brick building. The snatchers came close. Like... I saw their shadows.

I felt good when I woke up. I didn't feel like I was in a nightmare... Interesting.